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Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855)

Monday, 21 March 2016

A lesson from my boy

This is a quick post. On Sunday I took the kids to the library for their chess session. It was so much fun having Iker explaining to me how each piece moves:
Iker: Ok mum, here we go, these are the basics... this is a "peon"
Me: Oh you mean a "pawn"
Iker: Is it? I think daddy told me it was called peon
Me: Yes, that's in Spanish, love
Iker: Oh I see, silly daddy he forgot. So this pawn can move like this (shows me the move), and you have to remember in the first move it can go up to two places if you want.
Me: Really? Why is that?
Iker: Well, that's the way the game was made.
Me: And what is the purpose of the game?
Iker: (Rubs his chin with his left hand and enthusiastically replies) To have fun of course!
Me: Sure it is, silly me! But I mean, how does the game end?
Iker: Well, when the king can no longer move, that's when the game ends.
Me: And how can I do that?
Iker: Let me show you the basics, but remember, it is not only about eating pieces, it is about strategy.
Me: Ok!

And we went on and on for an hour. I really wanted to reach for my phone and start recording it all, but then I realised nobody else was holding a phone, everyone was in the "here and now", and I opted for the old fashioned experience. I paid full attention to my boy, I laughed at every single funny comment he made, I remember his gestures, his smile and above all, his joy in teaching mum how to play chess.

I don´t have a photo or a video to share, and I confess something inside me wishes I had recorded it, but then again there are experiences that are best kept that way.

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